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    3M™ Kit Flujo Lateral Gluten- Ambiental o producto

    3M™ Kit Flujo Lateral Gluten x 25 determinaciones- Permite detectar la presencia de Gluten en producto final o de muestras ambientales con una senciblidad de 5ppm. (AOAC-PMT)

    • Resultados visibles a los 11 ± 1 minutos después de la aplicación de la muestra.
    • Cartuchos de prueba de flujo lateral inmunocromatográficos rápidos y cualitativos diseñado para la detección de proteínas en agua de enjuague final (CIP), hisopados de muestras ambientales, ingredientes y productos procesados.
    • Diseñado para detectar proteínas alergénicas procesadas y no procesadas.The 3M Gluten Protein Rapid Kit utilizes a lateral flow device (LFD) that is an immunochromatographic test method utilizing a poly-clonal antibody which is specific for the detection of gliadin in Wheat, Rye (secalins) and Barley (hordeins) proteins and has shown to have no cross reactivity with other cultivars including Oats (avenins). Positive results are visualized by the presence of two lines; the test line and the control line, when gluten protein is present at or above 5 ppm for food raw ingredients, processed food products and CIP or rinse water solution, and at above 5 μg/mL per 100 cm2 for surfaces. These limits may vary depending on the matrix. The dynamic range of the 3M Gluten Protein Rapid Kit has been shown to be 2.5 ppm and >100,000 ppm. The upper limit of detection has not been reached even when testing pure toxic grains.

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